In the GGT's Nursery we will post photos of the babies that become available, so check back often!

We live in Bluford Illinois.  We do not ship or deliver the bunnies, they must be picked up.

 I have one little black English Angora available. 

125 with pedigree, 100 without pedigree

I also have a baby lionhead, that is available.  Ready for new home now.

E-Mail me at:

phone: Cell call or text- 618-214-8327

Bluford Illinois 62814

I keep my Face Book page updated every day.

Check it out at:

Greenes Garden Things Rabbitry

If your interested you can contact me at

text me @ 618-214-8327

I live in Bluford Illinois 62814 so please check your

distance before you contact me,

to hold a bunny you must put down a non refundable deposit using paypal. 

The deposit will go towards the total cost of the bunny.

Some of our adult rabbits.

Miss Blue and Doc

Miss Wild Thing and Doc

Miss Wild Thing is not wild, but she does run free in the yard, that is how she got her name.

She gave up her freedom to be with Doc,

she is a Chestnut color that is similar to a wild rabbit in color . 

Pictures of babies coming soon

We have some beautiful lionhead Babies a various colors. 

They are ready for new homes now.

Some of our rabbits:

This is our Mamma English Angora and her three babies.

The babies have all been sold.

Their mother is our Chocolate doe-Fudge

Their father is our Tortoiseshell buck-CoCo


Princess is one of our mother Netherland Dwarfs

Our Newest addition to Greene's Garden Things Rabbitry is our beautiful Lionheads. 

Willie Nelson-"Blue eyes" Buck

Past Litters

618-214-8327 or e-mail me at

Bunnies will be sold in this manner:

If you are not requesting a male or female you may have your pick of the litter.  Bunnies will be ready for new homes at 8 weeks old. If you are on the waiting list, you will be notified in the order I added you to the list. 

If you are requesting a specific sex, then you will have to wait until the bunnies are at least 12 weeks old, and bunnies will not be held till 12 weeks if someone picks them at 8 weeks without knowing the sex of the Bunnie.

Harvesting the wool from Casper, how to dye it, spin it, and crocheting it.

Casper wins at our local 4-H  Fair 2013.

He was chosen

1st place in Junior Buck,

Grand Champion Junior Buck,

and Grand Champion of all the rabbits.

He's come a long way


The bunnies are 5 weeks old and doing great!

Today they went to the Veterinary to be sexed. 

At this age it is hard for even the Vet to be 100% sure of the sex of the babies.

There is no guarantee that the babies sex as listed is correct.

Lamczyk Veterinary Clinic

The babies are 3 weeks old today 2/24/13


They are starting to look more fluffy now.  They are nibbling on rabbit pellets and drinking water.

I put them in the rabbit play pen today.

There are black ones, blue ones, and blue tortoiseshell and one white one.

First 5 bunnies


The new babies are 6 days old now.  We have been careful not to bother the mother and the babies.

We have two litters, one litter has 8 and the other litter has 3.  There is a white one that we are going to keep.


We have Netherland Dwarf Babies for Adoption!