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June 30th 2013

A wheelbarrow full of good stuff!

Cabbage, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, bell peppers, banana peppers, hot peppers, acorn squash, cucumber, baby boc choy, pink cherry tomatoes, blackberries,  oregano sage, rosemary and various mints

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day Feast from the Garden.
Cabbage-Cole Slaw, zucchini-fried, radish, red lettuce, baby bok choy, onions, hot banana peppers -salad, new potatoes, garlic, onion-roasted veggies on the grill, grilled baby back ribs with fresh cherry pie for dessert.


2013 Cabbage-8 lb 10 oz.

Our family has many different types of gardens.

Square Foot Garden

Square Foot Garden

One of my favorites is the strawberry tree.  It has a 2 x 2 pyramid sitting on top of a 4 x 4 raised garden.

The pyramid is filled with soil mix and holds 80 strawberry plants.  The squares around the pyramid has 4 strawberry plants to a square making a total of 128 strawberry plants in just a 4 x 4 area.

Square Foot Garden

Square Foot Garden

The stacked 3 tier corner garden gives a nice height to the garden, making it easy to grow in layers.

A combination of vegetables, herbs and flowers make a colorful display.

Square Foot Garden

Square Foot Garden

Square Foot Garden

The arbor raised garden, makes an excellent place to grow the vine crops, such as pole beans, cucumbers and melons.  We also have a variety of trellis for the vine crops.



A 1 x 8 garden for growing tomatoes.

When growing deep root crops, just add second layer to your garden to give it the extra depth that it needs.

Our potato garden.


When growing blackberries give them their own garden, they will spread and need the space.

A raised off the ground garden is an easy way to garden.  The legs should be able to support the weight of the wood and the water retained in the soil mix.  We used cement blocks and bricks.  The garden is a great place for the family to be together, me and my dad reserved one area of the garden for a place to sit, relax, enjoy the garden and a game of checkers.

Square Foot Garden

What can you grow?  Anything you want!

The white tube in my garden is a worm tube!  I feed red wiggler worms in my garden, they spread out into the garden

and leave worm castings that the plants LOVE!

We have  a total of 172 square feet dedicated to growing vegetable and small fruits.

Square Foot Garden